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Marathon Team Relay

Relay participants run the marathon route which is divided into 8 legs. You need a minimum of two team members and a maximum of eight. A timing chip, attached to a belt serves as the team’s baton and is passed between team members in the designated exchange zones.


All eight legs must be completed. The team determines who runs which leg. If you have less than eight members, one or more members will need to run multiple legs. Each team requires a team name and a team captain, who will help you coordinate the legs.

Marathon Relay Exchange Points

Point 1 - 4K just past the entrance to trail on the 106 Acadie/Amirault

Point 2 - 11K trail entrance Dover Estate

Point 3 - 16K Gillespie Street between trails

Point 4 - 20K on the trail adjacent to Aid Station 1

Point 5 - 25K located as runners exit the Riverfront Trail onto Gunningsville Bridge / Vaughan Harvey

Point 6 - 29K at the end of Causeway at start of trail to Superstore

Point 7 -  34.5K at the exit of the Riverfront Trail at Hawke Street in Riverview

Point 8 - 38K at the exit of the Mill Creek Trail at Bridgedale Blvd

Race Details

Date: Sunday, October 6, 2024

Official Start Time: 8:00 am

Distance: 42.2 KM

Elevation: 329m

Course Information

Please note the course information is subject to change as we plan for the 2024 race.


Marathon Street by Street


  1. Race Start / Finish - Main Street adjacent Hyatt Hotel & Crowne Plaza at the 4 way Junction of Main / Canada & Highfield Streets.

  2. Run along Main Street until it merges into Champlain Street. 

  3. Continue along Champlain Street and take a right onto Virginia Avenue

  4. Stay on Virginia Avenue and turn right onto Acadie Avenue - route 106.

  5. Stay on Acadie Avenue as it merges onto Amirault Street (route 109).

  6. Stay on Amirault and take a right turn into the maintenance yard at Dover Park Soccer Field.

  7. Turn left and follow path all the way around the perimeter of the soccer fields.

  8. Take the first paved exit (right)from the path onto the parking lot and tun right again to run through the parking lot toward the park exit.

  9. Stay on the right side on the pedestrian walkway through the park entrance - gates.

  10. Emerge from the soccer fields and turn right down the 925 - Dover Road.

  11. Exit Dover Road on the right where if joins KM 0 of the Riverfront Trail just after Andre Street

  12. Stay on the Riverfront Trail all the way back to the City of Moncton.

  13. Just before the Gunningsville Bridge continue left and underneath the bridge onto the trail and run over the Boardwalk.

  14. Stay on the lower trail until it emerges onto the wider trail running towards the the Traffic Circle & Findlay Boulevard.

  15. Stay left and skirt the edge of the traffic circle until it joins the bike lane on the Causeway - route 114.

  16. Cross the river on the Causeway using the protected bike/pedestrian lane.

  17. At the end of the Causeway follow the trail all the way past the Superstore running parallel to Coverdale Road.

  18. As the trail approaches Gunningsville Bridge stay on the main trail underneath the bridge towards Riverview.

  19. Stay on the trail system running on it all the way to Hawke Street.

  20. Runners turn right onto Hawke Street and run up it until it merges with Hillsborough Road.

  21. Runners will cross Hillsborough Road* and run along it until they reach the entrance into Mill Creek Nature Reserve.

  22. Runners will exit Mill Creek and cross over the traffic circle to turn left onto the protected Pedestrian/ Bike lane onto Bridgedale Blvd using the wide pedestrian walkway.

  23. Runners will turn right down Gunningsville Blvd on the sidewalk.

  24. Runners will cross over the 4 way junction of Gunningsville Blvd, Coverdale Road and Hillsborough Road and run back towards Moncton on Vaughan Harvey which will have the inside lane closed.

  25. Runners will continue on Vaughan Harvey Blvd until they reach Canada Street.

  26. Runners will turn right onto Canada Street.

  27. Runners will continue on Canada Street until the Finish Line at the Hyatt Hotel on Canada Street Main Street intersection.

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