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5 KM

Race Details

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023

Official Start Time: 8:00 am (subject to change)

Distance: 5 KM

Course Information

LFL MAP 2023.jpg

5k Street by Street

  1. Gathering Place / Pre race Runner Corral - Canada Street adjacent to Hyatt Hotel & Avenir Center

  2. Race Start- Main Street adjacent Hyatt Hotel & Crowne Plaza at the 4 way Junction of Main / Canada & Highfield Streets

  3. Run along Main Street until we reach Running Room, run through the Running Room parking lot at Harper Street to the Riverfront Trail.

  4. take a right on the Riverfront Trail and continue all the way toward the Gunningsville Bridge.

  5. Run up the ramp toward the bridge and turn right onto the road (Vaughan Harvey

  6. Runners will continue on Vaughan Harvey until they reach Canada Street

  7. runners will turn right onto Canada Street.

  8. runners will continue on Canada Street until the Finish Line at the Haytt Hotel on Canada Street / Main Street intersection.

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