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Funding Requests


Our approach to giving is to maximize the effect of the funds that are being distributed to improve literacy in Southeast New Brunswick. In the spirit of Legs for Literacy’s history, our efforts are focused on a balance between both English and French programs/benefits for adults and children alike. A long-term approach, emphasizing quality over quantity is also important. 

How to apply for funding:


Send your application for funding to the Legs for Literacy Executive Board electronically to the following email:

Your application must include the following information:

  1. Budget: total amount requested; allocation of funds; availability of alternative sources of funding; capital investment versus operational funds.

  2. Program Details: goals to be achieved and benchmarks to measure performance; ratio of service providers (educators) or materials to students; history of program, i.e., number of years and outcomes; outside comments or reviews on the program if available; past funding from LFL. 

  3. Coverage: geographic; number of beneficiaries; language; age of students. 

  4. Affiliation with a School District: (if applicable)

  5. Reporting: if Legs for Literacy funds have been received in the past, a summary report of spending and performance outcomes must be included with the new application.

Deadline to apply:  January 31, 2024

Decision making and funds distribution:

Applicants will be notified of our decision and funds will be distributed in March.

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